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READ THIS FIRST: Forum Guidelines

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READ THIS FIRST: Forum Guidelines

Postby Ken Jennings » Fri Jun 16, 2006 9:32 am

When you registered for these message boards, you agreed to not to post anything abusive, vulgar, slanderous, illegal, etc. But we'd like to set the bar a little higher than that, so please observe the following guidelines when you post:

1. Most importantly, show consideration for the feelings of your fellow board members. Criticism of other board members (including Ken Jennings), or anyone else, and their viewpoints or arguments, is permitted, as long as it remains polite and doesn't stoop to the level of insult. This might sound fanciful for the Internet, but we'd like to encourage the same kind of courtesy and respect that you'd observe in off-line, face-to-face conversation. In other words, disagreements and criticism should be more reminiscent of a friendly cocktail party exchange than something from Crossfire or Slashdot.

2. References to commercial endeavors, other blogs, and the like may only be posted if they're relevant to the current discussion. Don't post just to plug your new website, book, dISCOUnT CI4L1S, etc.

3. This is an all-ages forum. Profanity and objectionably graphic material (as determined by the administrators) isn't allowed.

4. Respect intellectual property law in your posts here. Excerpts from copyrighted material should meet guidelines of "fair use." For example, don't post a copyrighted article in its entirety without permission; post a link instead.

5. We recognize that not all posters may have the same level of Internet or English proficiency, but we ask that a reasonable attempt at intelligibility (i.e. correct spelling and grammar) be made. In other words, unnecessarily non-standard or abbreviated "Internet-speak" isn't welcome. Posts complaining about other posters' every spelling or grammar mistake are, similarly, unwelcome.

6. No posting under multiple usernames is permitted.

Posts that, in our sole judgment, don't conform to these standards will be deleted without warning or explanation. (We don't plan to do this often, but would rather not have some lengthy back-and-forth every single time it happens.) Repeated violations of these standards may lead to harsher measures, including banning of members' IP addresses. Staring at my sandals? That's a paddlin'. Paddlin' the school canoe? Ooo, you better believe that's a paddlin'.

We welcome any comments, questions, and suggestions regarding these policies at

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