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"Because I Said So!" - Comments and Reactions

Ken is the author of Because I Said So!, Maphead, Brainiac, and Ken Jennings's Trivia Almanac.

"Because I Said So!" - Comments and Reactions

Postby WhoisMark » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:32 pm

These are not errors or typos, but things that occurred to me while reading the book.

Page 3: Even more than 2.5 years after his death poor Manute can't escape descriptions about his physique and skills.

Page 6: "No swimming for an hour after lunch - you'll cramp up!"
The falseness of this was the biggest "Wow, my mom was wrong" for me in the book. All of those tortured wait periods by the pool on Disneyland family trips for nothing.

The biggest "Amen!" in the book? Page 17-19 about the Halloween candy. My brother, friends and I never bought into the needless fear even as kids eating popcorn balls, cookies and caramel apples even when we didn't know the giver. A treat's a treat. The problem "treat" was raisins. Those got spread out and stomped on in front of the person's house.

Page 25-26 Poinsettia - I had no idea it was false until reading the book having only heard the negatives.

Page 31-33 Castor oil reminded me of "The Perfect Nanny" song from Mary Poppins with "Never give us castor oil or gruel."

Page 46-47 Nosebleed - It's ridiculous how many people still do the wrong things for treatment. Great inclusion in the book.

Page 133-135 Retainer - I was still wearing mine more than 20 years after getting my braces off. Once I approached age 40, enough was enough.

Page 159-161 - "Don't eat that..." - The mention of rarebit reminded of a hilarious episode of Gomer Pyle where he eats Welsh Rarebit and takes on Sgt. Carter in a sleepwalking change of personality:

Page 169 - Butterfly - This was the biggest "I've never heard of that in my life" entry. Somehow this city slicker missed hearing that one.

Page 193 - Fork in the toaster - Well, I guess my mom was right to scream each time I was caught jabbing a knife through consecutive pieces of toast to fish them out

Page 213 - Parents can run into problems with names long before middle school. In preschool a Gabriela/Mathew will have teachers writing Gabriella/Matthew on projects sent home. Children trying to write their names will get frustrated with names too long or using alphabet letters more difficult to learn. Teachers will take longer to remember names with multiple common pronunciations like Sandra, Andrea, Madeline, and Brian(n)a.

Last chapter 217-229 Awkward Age - All of them through the last one about alcohol struck me as not the right ending for the book. Or if there was some reason for them coming last then I think there should have been a final something more fun and light-hearted to conclude the book.

Turning the page after the somber alcohol entry to find it was Acknowledgments was kind of a let down as I was hopeful for anything from a crack at Comic-Con attendees/Trekkers to people who watch Jeopardy! are...

Thanks for another great book.
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Re: "Because I Said So!" - Comments and Reactions

Postby Ken Jennings » Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:51 pm

WhoisMark wrote:Page 169 - Butterfly - This was the biggest "I've never heard of that in my life" entry. Somehow this city slicker missed hearing that one.

Ha, most people have told me that the "milk curdles in your stomach" is the one they never heard. I think that one must have some specific ethnic roots--central European/Slavic of some kind, maybe? It's also pretty old-timey.

Thanks for the review.
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Re: "Because I Said So!" - Comments and Reactions

Postby jffree » Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:00 pm

Typo on pg 151 - "...standard for microwave omissions..." Should be "...microwave emissions.."?
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