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April 2nd Blog Post: Did you use stencils?

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Re: April 2nd Blog Post: Did you use stencils?

Postby Ken Jennings » Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:57 pm

Nope, no stencils. (Except for the colored borders, which I taped off, but even that still needed lots of touch-up because the wallboard was so textured.)

It's basically just acrylic paint and permanent marker on wallboard, copied carefully from books. Even the "watercolor" effects are just watered-down acrylics. This blog post includes five links (in the second line) to other progress updates, some of which have more behind-the-scene tips.

Here's the most important tip: don't try this at home unless you're REALLY sure you want to and have plenty of free time. It was a beast.
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