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New Book From Bob Harris

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New Book From Bob Harris

Postby TheConfessor » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:45 pm

Some of you already know this, but Bob Harris has a new book in the stores today about his adventures in microlending around the world. Earlier today it was ranked #3 in sales among all books on Amazon. At this moment, it is #9, so it's off to a great start. I've joined many of Bob's friends in posting and tweeting about it today, and I haven't seen anything posted here about it, so I'm doing that now. I hope the book succeeds and that many people will enjoy reading it and supporting microlending. Here's a blurb I've written and posted wherever people might be interested.

New Bob Harris Book Published Today (March 5)
One of the legendary contestants in Jeopardy history is Bob Harris, who documented his game show career in the very entertaining book, "Prisoner of Trebekistan." Today is the release date for Bob's latest book, which chronicles his adventures in microfinance and his travels to remote places to see how thousands of small loans to entrepreneurs around the globe were making a difference. Bob is the namesake of a group of over a thousand lenders on Kiva, called Friends of Bob Harris. As a real life friend of Bob and a member of his Kiva lending team, I'm joining the effort to spread the word and make a big publicity splash on the first day to help his book and his worthy cause become as successful as possible.

Bob is a funny, humble, optimistic guy with a very entertaining writing style. I have not read his new book yet, but the early reviews have been great. Please take a look at this page, which provides more information about the book, "The International Bank Of Bob."

I'm not an expert in social media, but I think this is worth sharing, so if you can help spread the word to a wider audience, or even just tell your friends about it, please do. And check out the Friends of Bob lending team at Kiva. The more, the merrier.
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