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Trivia Benefit/Fundraiser Nights?

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Are there fundraiser trivia nights (as described below) in your area?

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Yes (I'm from the St. Louis area.)
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Trivia Benefit/Fundraiser Nights?

Postby davebug » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:23 am

One quirk of St. Louis, and St. Louisans, is a desire and a feeling to identify as much stuff as possible as being "from here" with scant evidence. I suspect it began with the '04 World's Fair, where a lot of stuff did first publicly debut (hot dog buns, ice cream cones, iced tea?) and now gets suggested when, on cursory glance around, it seems like things are more commonly seen here (like two Chinese restaurant norms: crab rangoon, St. Paul sandwiches).

So I'm hesitant to say it, and nearly certain it's not true, but I still have the nagging feeling that trivia fundraiser nights are, if not only in St. Louis, originally from St. Louis. Do these happen in your town:

8-15 tables, of 8-12 people
$10-$30 / person
100 questions, often divided into 10 categories of 10

That's the basics, and it's often supplemented by silent auctions, raffles, etc. Occasionally people try to spice it up by selling 1-5 "mulligans" for a few bucks a piece, which you can substitute for an answer you know you missed. 1st place usually gets something like $40-50 (double their money), 2nd gets their money back. These happen all the time...I'm fairly confident you could go to one each week. People mostly go when they know the benefit (Catholic school, Boy Scouts, softball teams, etc.), but there are some people who seek out any trivia night.

Anyway, just thought this was a good place to throw this out, and see if it's way more common than I thought, or if it is actually a new bit of trivia about St. Louis.
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