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What is the similarity here?

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What is the similarity here?

Postby PamelaJaye » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:40 pm

I haven't figured it out but it seems to me there is one.
Last night, after months of watching other things to get them off my DVR, I got back to watching Jeopardy - I think the shows I was watching were from May.

While I was doing this (with my handy pause button) I was attempting to record (on my laptop) and half listen to American Top 40 from August 30, 1975

I know these two things are similar somehow but not how. I did AT40 when I was a teenager, from 74 - 81 (I was not a teenager in 81).

Are they just two fixations or is there more similarity?
Pam from Boston
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