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Ten Heatmap Observations

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Ten Heatmap Observations

Postby BillTunell » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:44 pm

I was looking at the "heatmap" linked by Ken on his blog of the "world's most photographed places" according to Panoramio. To a large extent, the results track population. But a few other things struck me:

(1) French people outside of Paris apparently do not have cameras. Maybe that's why they like to paint.
(2) Puerto Rico must be a lot prettier than I've been led to believe.
(3) The western US' National Parks (particularly in Southern Utah) obviously get a lot of traffic. Ditto the Rocky Mountain parks west of Calgary. Comparable to major cities.
(4) What's in northern Portugal that's so interesting (as opposed to, say, southern Portugal)?
(5) Does anyone else think it's a security issue that there are so many pictures of the Alaska Pipeline out there (at apparently every ten feet or so)?
(6) Panoramio's metadata must be incredibly specific, because you can actually see the outline of St. Peter's Square on the Rome sub-map.
(7) Therre's a political dimension ot the map. Who's the one guy in North Korea that seems to have gotten past their firewall? Almost as dramatic is Burma. These are probably the only two countries you could make out without the aid of overlaid borders. Kazakhstan, maybe, although Uzbekistan to its south seems similarly oppressive.
(8) Views of the Tower Bridge in London never seem to be from the northeast. Not sure what's on that shore that would keep people form taking pictures.
(9) I'm guessing that people seem to take a lot more pictures at intersections than in the middle of a block, judging from the "coral snake" patterns you see in a lot of the city sub-maps. Istiklal Street in Istanbul seems to be the most glaring example. I wonder if there are other things at work behind this pattern.
(9) Something fishy is going on at the College of DuPage in suburban Chicago.
(10) The hottest of hotspots seems to be Amsterdam. There's not enough map detail there to know whether "red light district" activities are generating this, but I suspect there's an inverse correlation between sobriety and posting on Panoramio.

Anyone else notice anything interesting?
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