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Ken's Lab, Banjo, is unstable; please clarify.

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Ken's Lab, Banjo, is unstable; please clarify.

Postby roomtempIQ » Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:53 pm

Just curious.......(I was unaware Ken actually had his own website because after his win on Jeopardy, I "Googled" him & got bupkes; okay, so that was years ago).......that being stated, Ken wrote he has an unstable Labrador retriever, Banjo. I'm curious what "unstable" meant. More to follow once I know the details. Labs are one of the breeds that make you wonder in the first 4 years of their life, "what the hell was I thinking when I adopted this dog?!?!?!?" & after that think about adopting another one.......

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