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Compendium of US history in Quizzer Format?

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Compendium of US history in Quizzer Format?

Postby Hywel Morgan » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:37 pm

Hi KJ board,

I wonder if someone can help.

Being from the UK, my bible is Trevor Montague's A to Z of Everything but on the rare occasion I get a chance to watch shows like Jeopardy!, I really struggle on some of the more refined US history and culture categories. Is there a stateside equivalent of Montague's compendium as, barring the presidents, VPs, state capitals etc., it doesn't really delve too deeply into all things American?

Kind Regards,


(Apologies if this should be in the Books section, I assumed that was reserved for Ken's books)
Hywel Morgan
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