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Postby Peg Nichols » Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:43 am

What do you want to know about Paraguay?
You mentioned Paraguay this morning -- as in what is paraguay? -- on the Steve Kraske show on KCUR in Kansas City, Mo.
Paraguay has been paired with Kansas (the next-door state to Missouri) for almost forty years in the Kansas/Paraguay Partners of the Americas. Hundreds of Kansans and Paraguayans have been involved in educational, agricultural, cultural, historical, citizen exchanges.
There are sixty hemispheric partnerships of Partners of the Americas, an international program that was established during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Your home state is undoubtedly a member of a partnership.
The Kansas/Paraguay partnership was initiated -- very quietly -- during the dictatorship of Stroessner, and worked quietly under the radar to establish exchanges which continue to this day. I've only been involved the past ten years, but I am convinced that the work during the earlier years helped Paraguay in its movement to democracy.
I couldn't get into the show, so I'm asking my question online: What do you want to know about Paraguay?
Peg Nichols
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