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9/14 Blog: Nothing but the Truthiness

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9/14 Blog: Nothing but the Truthiness

Postby polarea » Thu Sep 14, 2006 1:51 pm

Colbert's right arm has the distinct look of having been photoshopped right on top of Ken in the accompanying blog pic today. If I didn't know that Ken was just at the Colbert Report, I would have sworn that there was something incongruous about that shot. Is Ken really taller than Colbert? It's always weird seeing celebrities lined up next to each other because without actually seeing them in real life, proportions are a hard thing to get a sense of. Does anyone else think Colbert's arm looks like it's been cut and pasted?

Edit- I just realized what gave me that sense: It's that Colbert is remarkably in focus, and Ken Jennings is not even close to being in focus. (Also, I just realized that my level of internet patheticness has just inducted me into the realm of Colbert Report conspiracy theorist. Given that I normally disdain the rational capabilities of most conspiracy theorists, I guess this is a good indication of how bored my brain is today - I shall have to find something more interesting to wonder about.)
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