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The New Next Ken Jennings

Postby wintersox » Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:55 am

Hello everyone, this looks like a great communtiy. I am a poet that has been inspired by Ken. I first came across Ken by accident when I was flipping through the channels and caught his appearance or appearances(74 consecutive) LOLOMGWTF! on Jeopardy. I am not quite sure where my words come from but have been called the "Ken Jennings of computer rock at times. I now unveil to you and the world my first masterpiece.

It is Only Marlon

To say magic is magic
You must let go
Your job is to whistle if that
The tune of a song
To say the truth is the truth
You may not know
To say everything’s alright
You mind is as strong to agree
With the world as it is
With yourself as you are
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