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How many Trivia questions exist?

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How many Trivia questions exist?

Postby rockgolf » Mon May 30, 2016 12:04 pm

Start here:

If we're talking about Trivia vs Minutiae, I'd say there's a scale of somewhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 reasonable trivia questions in any given time and place. And that's just a WAG, based on nothing in particular.

But what constitutes Trivia? I think it would have to fall in the category of things that could generally be known, but would not require specific study. The first 5-10 decimals of pi would be trivia. The 100th or 10,000,000th digit of pi are certainly knowable these days, but more minutiae than trivia.

To my thinking, "trivia" known by 50% or more of a specific population isn't really trivia but general knowledge. The capital of the US is general knowledge. The capital of Azerbaijan is trivia, except in Azerbaijan, where it should be general knowledge. The capital of a sub-national region is Azerbaijan would be minutiae in America, but might be at the same level as State Capitals in the US.

Watching a few UK trivia shows, there's lots of region TV "stars", cricket or footie questions, and history that would be completely obscure here, but much better known there.

Similarly, trivia varies with time. Look at the J-board questions from 20 years ago. How many refer to fairly recent events? A VP choice would be general knowledge then, trivia now. But which state "balloon boy" went missing in would drop from trivia to minutiae.

So trivia - and what rises to it - is a factor of location and time. In my opinion, anyways.
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Re: How many Trivia questions exist?

Postby gameshowcongress » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:29 pm

You touch on a good point - there are plenty of questions and answers out there, but which of them are entertaining out of odd circumstance or humor? Having 2 or 3 things linked together, even with correlation if not causation in my opinion makes them interesting. such as:

Paul Newman's only competitive Oscar was for a role he'd first played 25 years earlier. Name the movie that finally won him an Oscar.

from - a page of good writing tips for trivia.
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