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Scrabble-style crosswords using each letter exactly once

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:55 am
by skullturfq
My partner and I have a set of Scrabble tile magnets that go on our fridge.

Each letter appears the same number of times as in an ordinary English-language Scrabble set (so there are 12 E's, but only 1 each of J, K, Q, X, Z, for example).

However, instead of using ALL the tiles, we decided to adopt the challenge of using exactly one of each letter, and trying to form a valid Scrabble-style grid using valid Scrabble words, using each of the 26 letters exactly once.

Here are our first two attempts.

Code: Select all
  B  G
  R  E

Code: Select all
  C L
  P B
 Q  X
 I  D

I thought you folks might find this interesting, and I also thought some of you might want to try to come up with your own grids.

Personally, I find it more satisfying if the words used are more common (e.g. I don't love using "QAT" even though I know it's a valid Scrabble word) and I also think it would be extra elegant if the S were not used to make a plural.