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Letters and numbers

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Letters and numbers

Postby Whatsahoe » Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:59 am

If I took the letters C-A-T is creates a word (totally different term) but if I take the numbers 1-2-3 it creates a...number (the same term)

Why does a group of letters form a word but a group of numbers form a number?
Is there another term for a group of numbers stringed together other than "number"?
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Re: Letters and numbers

Postby rockgolf » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:10 am

You're looking at it the wrong way. The distinction is between digits (1-character) and numbers (any number of characters).

The reason is that any group of digits in any order form a valid number, including the numbers 0-9 solo.
We tend to call the single-digits numbers as they qualify for both.
Obviously, not every combination of letters of any length has meaning, so "word" is needed to distinguish useable combinations from non-useable combinations.
"I" and "a" qualify as both letters and words. 0 thru 9 qualify as the full set of digits but also as numbers.
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