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Re: Tuesday Quizzes

Postby Neel Mehta » Thu May 01, 2014 9:21 am

You already asked this question at the Tuesday Trivia Forum here, and got an answer from Ken. It's no different on the Main Forum.

Welcome to the boards, and enjoy the Tuesday Trivia, but it's generally understood that Ken's past questions are not shareable. Back in the olden days there was a frequent poster who, despite being warned in a thread just like this, agreed to send his archived e-mails to a new member. He got banned.

And that's not all.

Ken closes that thread, waits until everyone calms down, and then he goes after the banned member personally. He kills his e-mail accounts. He kills his blog. He kills the Facebook accounts of that guy's parents and his parents' friends. He uploads viruses to the guy's home laptop and the computers at his job. He leaves the poor schmuck with a cheap tablet and an AOL address. And like that, Ken's gone. Underground. Well, Seattle. Nobody's ever seen him since, except on Jeopardy! He becomes a myth, a spook story that trivia fanatics tell each other at pubs. "Share old Tuesday Trivia questions, and Ken Jennings will get you."
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