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More of Doyle Brunson's Million (spoiler implied)

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More of Doyle Brunson's Million (spoiler implied)

Postby Trivia Why's Guy » Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:35 am

In Tuesday Trivia CCCXCVII, Ken Jennings wrote:

2. Doyle Brunson was the first person ever to officially earn a million dollars doing what?

If you knew the answer to that question, you might like the poker game show blog posts I've been doing this month, especially:

* (3rd of 4)

The contestant known as "Carter Hu" may feel just a bit familiar...

I only needed eight clues for the blog post, but I couldn't help myself from writing all 61. You can read/play them here:


The other two blog posts were:

* (1st of 4)
* (2nd of 4)

with "Wheel of Poker" (4th of 4) to follow this Friday.

I actually wrote a similar question to Ken's for Millionaire, but it didn't make my final edit:

Who was the first player to win a total of over a million dollars at the World Series of Poker in his career? Doyle Brunson (his fourth place finish in the 1982 Main Event pushed his career WSOP earnings to $1,063,875).

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